The Rabbit Hole

Having practiced procrastination within the field of making art for … about 25 years now. I have come to embrace the possibilities within digital art and the generative processing code.

It has rekindled a dying enthusiasm for practice

My first tentative attempt at immersion was not enitrely accidental but nor was it entirely under the control of random computer instruction.

Entering the Rabbit hole in comfort - Glen McFarlane Innes

What began as a playful entry into writing quickly passed into the recording of nature and wonder. I found myself mesmerised by the emergence of new grass, unbridled due to the local Council’s pandemic restrictions. I witnessed a yearning reach to the sky, of energy I had not seen before in my decades of life in this place.

I began photgraphing … like a voyeur witnessing a new thrill. And through this practice I rediscovered my joy, my sense of wonder and curiousity.

I turned my hand to seeing how I could somehow record my inebriation with a little film

And so I began to fall.

Unbridled joy at being a part of this brilliant world.

Yet – I was frustrated at not being able to express my involvement. I could not find a satisfactory way to give back my thoughts, my appreciation.

I was desperate to offer praise, to be a partner in this beauty.

The recording was fun but just did not satisfy my willingness to involve myself.

I am overjoyed.

A separate yet fully involved immersion into creating these pieces. To me, it is like allowing watercolour paint to mix freely or acrylic to move with gravity down the canvas.

It is a partnership.

One needs faith to accept the result.

I am in Wonder.

This project will be dropped on one of the NFT marketplaces very soon

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