A film? You want to tell your story …. but you are camera shy

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You have to be brave to overcome the fear of being on camera for a still or more pertinently a film. So many successful vloggers or YouTubers make very successful careers of talking to their audience through the lens.

But what if you are not like that?
You hate the very idea of your face of being on screen?

The trepidation results in nothing but a cringe and fleeing in the opposite direction.

The reason people use a camera to talk to their audience is to engage more directly. The more personally you can relate the material the stronger the trust and loyalty you build up. You take your audience with you on your journey, your story. The result of that is a more positive consequence when you ask your audience to buy something.

Well… I might have a solution.

film - dance and paint - chris edwick

Your voice

Of course, seeing is believing so they say. But as an artist I think you can communicate in just an intimate way to tell the story of your work without being in front of the camera.

How? … talk to them instead with just your voice.

I know … the world of podcasting is massive but you feel you don't really have enough to say to sustain a weekly or monthly podcast … fair enough.

But what about a single film?

I have recently been working with the artist Chris Edwick www.chrisedwick.com with the idea of creating a short film to highlight his journey into becoming a painter.

I have known Chris a long time and have enjoyed watching the progress of his style, exploration and self-belief. It was a recent pleasure for us to finally agree that his work is a consequence of all that he has been and that revelation inspired him to commission a film.

BUT with a single challenge …. he did not want to be in it.

No beautiful action shots, no well lit interview shots … no close ups of his face.

And I have found out that he is not alone in this feeling.

So .. this is what we came up with

This is the first project that I feel that both the artist and myself have connected the dots. Despite the limitations in the brief and the complete lack of video footage, I think the film reveals an intimacy from Chris that is both serious and honest.

The only media that we used were good photographs of the work that could withstand some close-ups, a script to start off with (reworked several times) and a webcam with a mic (oh and it goes without saying, a modicum of patience). Chris narrated his audio into his webcam using the PCs built in recorder and I received them as MP3 files. After a little audio normalisation I think they fit into the video along with his selected music pretty well.

Chris will now use this as a promotional video and it will be hosted on his website. We may also take snippets in order to add them to his social media channels too. There is enormous benefit in having something like this to share.

Storytelling in a film

I think this is clearly a working example of how you might begin to tell the story of the passion behind your work. Even if you are reticent about being on camera and claim to be technophobic… I can help.

SO I am looking to create more of these films. So if there is anyone out there who would like something similar (though about half the size .. max 5 minutes) then I am willing to do 2 films for FREE.

So come on there must be 2 of you out there who can see the benefit of having something like this to stick on their own site?

Get in touch

And hey …. why not share this post with your friends… I would be very grateful


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