Advent day 4 – Debbie Lee


And today, in my way, I call you to look at the work of Dorset artist, Debbie Lee @debbie.lee88

I adore this work. It reminds me of all the caution that the original fairy tales warned us against. These days we are too soft and liberal to animate the world's darkest places… we believe children could not cope … we are strongest when we are innocent

Advent day 5 - Debbie Lee - Winding the Skein

On Debbie Lee and the gentle giant

While walking the dog in the gray afternoon,
Him running excitedly, me lagging way back
I saw two young girls come dashing from the woods
Their heads craned around to see what might be behind.
They giggled while the afternoon dew
Shone from their soaking shoes.

I wondered too what it might be,
The gentle giant or the torrid bogey man.
That invisible thread of playful tension
A tightrope of quivering and whispered fear.
They screamed once more and ran away
Whooping in protest as they left.

The imagination is a wonderful playmate
He rockets your thoughts skyward and then
Pulls you down to the depth of the earth.
He pins your hopes on a magical seed
And watches as you drop it in the leaves
All golden and crinkly for you to plough through.

He shares himself with your closest companion
Wrapping the two of you in mystery and hope
He buckles your armour and sharpens your wit
Brushing your hair and blackening your eye
He propels you forward to your heroic quest
Where you wade through to triumph again.

Then your Mother calls you in with a pealing yell
Splitting the haze of your adventurous game
And you resent the intrusion
But you don’t know why
And the gentle giant, whimpers and leaves
Hand in hand with the moaning bogey man

Tomorrow we defy gravity and fly, you say
As you and yours rush home for tea


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