Advent day 5 – Nova Soon

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Nova Soon – December 5th and I have been listening to this young man for most of the day

@novasoonmusic is his IG name… I know the link above won’t work but DO check him out on Spotify

From ‘ Matter & Space’ by Nova Soon

No, It won’t matter, it won’t matter
It won’t matter, it won’t matter
In a month’s time
Your fear will shatter, fear will shatter
Fear will shatter, fear will shatter
In a shot glass
Downed on your way to class

It’s okay, it’s alright
We are all just specks in the swooning circle of time

Nova Soon

Words so thoughtful in one so young

I love the music and delivery. His voice is confident in its gentle murmuring. His references to cruelty and angst are very playfully delivered as he knows life is vital.
I am always impressed when I come across a young artist that is fully immersed in their craft …. No, life.

It is a responsibility to accept the gift of creativity. We must challenge, express, fight, fail and challenge again. By doing this we learn and grow and if we are vigilant enough we are also capable of telling the story of our battle.

I get the impression that Noah (his real name) has lived a life like the rest of us but he has this wonderful ability to note down the story of emotional episode and mix them up with clever yet delicate imagery. His classical guitar training creates a soundscape of filigree that allows his voice to appear like it inhabits the spaces between. It is quiet but demands attention. His subtlety belies the enormity of the impact

Modern music is easy to provide a narrative … it is perhaps the perfect vehicle. But it is becoming rarer that the story told has resonance and relevance no matter what age the audience.

I had to comment to his IG account that even at the age of 53 his lyrics still held point and reason in my own life … and his response was gracious and thankful.

I don’t think we provide support as well as we believe, SO…


As he says ‘Celebrate that you are alive’ and as I say ‘Let everyone else know’

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