I glimpse beauty…

 ….with humility. And each glimpse  of wonder manifesting as either poem or picture becomes a prayer, which like a harvester gives thanks for the summers bounty. 

Yet I am wary this has become comfortable; laziness induces complacency, which hides all things of wonder.

So, I have been exploring Generative Art; capable of creating a randomly generated sequence of numbers which then dictate graphic instruction. 

The concept is simple and some of the results are quite beautiful.

A connection was becoming clear. My recent photographs did not provide the rewards that I associate with creation. They were a recognition of the beauty of the world but I had begun to feel less present as a part of the creative process.

I investigated the protocols of random generation and researched the varying computer programs. I settled on a language called P5.js and I began to play.

There is no replacement for a dancing arc of paint wielded by a twisted torso and a flicking wrist … not for me, anyhow. I have spent recent years pointing a camera and finding joy in the results. Yet, there is an exhilaration in trying something new, the thrill of stepping into the unknown.

I decided to work from images I already had a connection to. 

…into the unknown

I chose these based on instinct – no other reason. If I am to fall into something new then I should show some faith.

Using the photos as backgrounds I instructed the program to investigate the colour of every nth pixel and to draw an arc of random length and thickness The arc should veer between two dedicated angles. Secondly, I programmed a dot of random size, in the same colour to be drawn a random distance off the end of the arc.

A simple enough execution yet it took me days to wrangle with the technical language.

My prayer is complete when I am on my knees

It wasn’t the sun but it was sun kissed

I recomposed portions of the randomly generated pattern and framed it to resemble the original photo. The movement reminded me of my own instinctive urges to mark make. I recognised, tension and gravity … I saw a dance … of wonder.

I felt a long dormant sense of satisfaction.

By looking closer … a whole wide world

The slightest blush in the undergrowth

These prints are available for sale from the publisher linked below.