It is hard to hear when you keep talking …

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I am at the coalface

When I am ready to peel back the flint and pocket the shards, I shall pull them from my pocket to show you.

I last said that I did not feel emotionally connected to the last little film – and it is true. However your response revealed to me that a need to dig a little deeper why.

Technical exercise is all well and good for the sharpening of skills. I can see and quite clearly comprehend that you expect revelation from that exercise (no matter how slight) … and I agree.

But something says to me that I must, at the very least, use the material with which I have some affinity. I would so easily fall into the trap of playing with gimmicks and feigning some self congratulatory success over the production of something that looks okay.

I would simply leave it and forget it no matter how good it might be.

I would rather work with something that speaks to me and fail … I would rather stumble, cut my knee over something I have connection to and belief in than easily produce an empty prettiness.

These are a few images that I am enjoying right now. I remember taking the photos; the light, the smell, the sense of wonder and glee.

My intention is the same … i shall play and make these into a film of some sort. I will play with superimposing texture and words

I am trying to capture crows and magpies at the moment without success …I may borrow others images as the theme speaks to me

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I don’t know why … kinda felt like I should show you the starting point.

I don’t want you to feel frustrated that I may not be travelling at the same speed as you might hope. Nor that my steps may be as sure as yours.

You have every right to question my commitment – it is your right.

I do not have to answer, however.

I am already on my way.

The title, you may feel, is aimed at you … of course it is not. I cherish our relationship.

My conversation, as always, is with God



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