Landscape is the turnstile, our echo makes the game

When we stop, when we pause, even for the most brief of seconds, our eyes should be hungry for wonder.

I say should be for it is true that we have fallen out of practice. We seem to have lost the ability to engage in that pursuit for the breathless moments of awe, when a greater presence invades our mind and presents us with the unimaginable.

We have disengaged with the habit. We have denied ourselves that gift to halt, to absorb, to appreciate and then to give thanks.

I use ‘we’ glibly (though I fear I am not far from the truth). I hope, that as artists, we allow ourselves the privilege of being reminded of the wealth that we are missing; that we can feel the tingle of mystery when our eyes are drawn towards the sideways glance and we spot the extraordinary.

It is a habit. One we should engage with, without expectation. For habit breeds familiarity and it is there where our practice meets reward.

It is not difficult. I, like almost everyone, take my phone wherever I go. If I cannot take 10 pictures throughout the day then I feel I have not engaged with the possibility of being presented something beautiful.

Yesterday’s prize.

My eyes, these days, tend towards nature; drifting with whatever the season presents. I gleefully adore the pictures I spot and am happy to accept these images as private gifts. It is arrogant, perhaps, but I understand that the ability to be inspired this way is the first step to a greater expression.

And at last, I am grateful for that.