My Advent challenge

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I have been on Instagram for a few months now, primarily as a watcher and occasionally as a contributor.

I am old enough to perceive value and enjoy the return I gain when I involve myself with it. By which I mean that the occasional comment I have made on a post that has caught my attention has rewarded me with an equally thoughtful reply.

What has caught my attention is that all of my replies have been wrapped in some kind of surprise that anyone might give their time to look at posts with more than passing interest.

Oh, come on!!!!! Are we not artists, are we not writers, are we not creative people???? Is it true that we simply post images for the sickening rush of a ‘like’ or a drippy heart or praying emoji?? My thoughts on this are simple. GIVE LITTLE – RECEIVE LITTLE.

As the person that has been wrapped up in your work from the point of conception to that final brushstroke; the person that has had continual dialogue with yourself over marks, words, colours, expression, intention …. it seems that we have so very little to say when it comes to Instagram.

Here’s my artwork … it’s this big … this is the medium … oh and if I can be bothered, here is a title.

Why are we satisfied with this?

What on earth leads us to believe that an audience (whether you have 10 people or 10,000) will respond in any way other than in the same brief, half-hearted way we upload our work?? So in the spirit of Christmas and the season of goodwill and giving I will be revisiting 25 posts by artists, poets and other creative souls that I have enjoyed. I shall repost them and provide my own thoughts on the work; how they initially grabbed my attention, my thoughts on the inspirations, creative technique or reference …. well, simply what I might say to myself if I saw the work hanging in a gallery.

To start things off I shall start with a piece by Cy Twombly that I saw in CHICAGO. With this example, I of course, would not expect a direct reply … but it seems a nice way to get the festive ball rolling.

I hope you enjoy and be kind and thoughtful in your reply…. if you have anything to say… but … put the effort in … no single emojis, please


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